Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Habits + Good Habits = Breaking Even or Waste of Time?

This weekend while I was running, I started to think about all of the bad habits I have. Trust me, there are a lot! As with most of my thoughts during a run, this turned into an internal debate regarding whether I am breaking even or just wasting my time in regard to my health.

Let's take my run yesterday as an example:

The Good
- Started my morning with warm lemon water, a cup of coffee and a banana.
 (This is HUGE because a lot of times I just don't eat anything!)
- Ran 16.50 miles at a nice strong steady pace.
- Sipped on Vega Electrolyte Hydrator throughout my run. (sooooo delicious!)
- Left my IPod at home so that I would be aware of my surroundings.
- Wore compression socks and my new Asics that don't have a million miles on them.
- Remembered to stretch when my run was finished.

The Bad:
- Took 4 Advil before my run and 2 more about half way through.
- Refused to stop running when my foot was throbbing at mile 7.
(The throbbing did stop after another couple of miles so maybe it was ok that I kept running?)
- Ran in 47 degree rain which wouldn't be a huge deal but I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I started off with gloves but lost them somewhere along the way.
- Took a steaming hot shower immediately after my run instead of the ice bath my legs needed.
- Rewarded myself with 12 amazing, warm and fabulous minutes in the tanning bed.
(I know, I know...tanning is so bad for you...blah, blah, blah. You know what though? Tanning beds are warm and that is really all I care about.)
- I didn't eat anything after my run, or really the rest of the day. I had some cranberry seltzer water and a handful of raw cashews but I really don't think that counts.

So what do you think? Did the running, stretching, hydration and pre-run fuel outweigh the Advil, pain, tanning and lack of food? In my defense I will say this, running for me has always been about so much more than simply exercise. I run because quite often it is the only way I am able to handle stress. Running clears my mind, helps me to reevaluate my decisions and reminds me that I am capable of being awesome...or sort of awesomeish anyway! I honestly don't believe that any of us can ever be 100% "healthy" or do everything "the right way" but I would like to believe that all of my efforts are at least helping me to break even. What do you think? I am really curious to hear opinions on this. Let's hear it!

Photo: Sunday Long I don't punch anyone in the face! :)

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